Anonymous said: so my guy best friend really likes me. hes honestly a really good guy and he would do anything for me but hes okay looking. for some reason i cant bring myself to have feelings for him. the thought of hooking up with him makes me wanna literally i dont know why. everyone is saying i should give him a chance and i feel like if i dont im gonna regret it but i just cant i dont know why! HELPPP what would you do?!

i always live life by this philosophy: i’d rather say “oh well” (it didn’t work) than “what if…” (i gave it a chance?) i think you should just go out to a casual dinner and see what happens :) get to know him on a more intimate level. if you really don’t have feelings though, you can’t force yourself into it. it’s not fair to you or him. do what’s right for you! give it one chance and see what happens :) AND LET ME KNOW!!! xox best of luck

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Selfie ;)
i agree